Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DIY – Bow Sunglasses!

Hi friends! For this weeks DIY I wanted to share something appropriate for the summer, and what better than something that involves sunglasses.

This is just a very easy but effective way that works either for old and boring sunglasses as well as designer sunglasses. Its everyone´s choice, just remember we are adding glue to the sunglasses.

To start this project all we need is:
-A pair of sunglasses
-Polymer clay, I use Sculpey III in Yellow (Color is optional, I choose yellow because I knew I was painting my bows gold later)
-Plastic bag
-Needle or something pointy
-Glue, I use epoxy (just try choosing a heavy duty one)

So, let´s go ahead and get started. Enjoy!

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 **I am here to share my ideas of course, but if you decide to re-create this idea and share it on your blog or YouTube channel, please don´t forget to mention this video or blog.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Mani: Celebrity Inspired Gold French tip nails


Photo taken from here

Hello friends, happy week! For today´s Monday Mani I wanted to try this nail art or idea Kelly rocker at the Oscars this 2014.

I really liked it, and I was afraid it wouldn´t suit short and square nails, but it totally does.  I am personally not a big fan of that pointy super long nails, but I respect, so you can wear it with whatever length of your nails or shape of them.

So, this is my interpretation of this, materials used and how I would wear it:

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Have fun -Renee-

**I am here to share my ideas of course, but if you decide to re-create this idea and share it on your blog or YouTube channel, please don´t forget to mention this video or blog as a source of Inspiration.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Chicks Cookies

Hi friends! So I use to have another blog and another You tube account when I very first started, then for some reason I just canceled it all (I think I thought back then it wasn´t my think but turns out it is. Lessons learned). But one of the tutorials I had is this one:

So, months later, here I am, with a newer version of the team. I feel (I hope) I have improved; I like the new ones a lot better, because I have practiced, learned and experimented a bit more, unlike the first one where I just did the ducky´s and I was good to go.

For this 2014 version I used:
-       Round cookies
-       Yellow, blue, orange, white , pink and black gel food coloring
-       Almond extract
-       Scribe Tool here
-       Ziploc bags
-       Thin brush

Here is what I did:

The video says, “Welcome to T.G.I.F. For Desserts, yeah…I think I will be switching to “Desserts for the Weekend” or something, because I have been lacking on Fridays and posting during the weekend! Anyways…Please Enjoy:

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Also if you are into nail art I have a similar design for nails here
Have fun -Renee-

**I am here to share my ideas of course, but if you decide to re-create this idea and share it on your blog or YouTube channel, please don´t forget to mention this video or blog as a source of Inspiration.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Mani: Holographic Nails Effects

Base coat :: Beauty Secrets base coat  //  Metallic blue :: Art you blue? by Finger Paints //  Yellow stipe :: Spark by Orly // Pink Sheer Sparkles  :: Pom Pom by China Glaze // Blue Sheer Sparkles :: Holo Blue by Kleancolor // Multi-color sheer Sparkles :: Rockstar Pink by Sally Hansen  // Top coat :: China Glaze Top Coat

Hello friends! Well, more than holographic nails, today I wanted to share 3 ways to achieve effect on your nails. The first photo (effect) on its own will help your nails look longer. And for the other two images, will help for the effect. The second effect and the 3rd one are pretty similar, just shades vary. 

Actually, the 3rd picture was taken about 2 years, when I first made the design. Back in the day, I actually had another YouTube account and another blog, and I uploaded the design in there. Then I decided to delete that account with all of my videos and 1,000+ subscribers on it. Oh well, you learn from your mistakes. The other pictures are recent.

I am back again on this new blog and channel to share how I did it. One thing to mention thought the nail polish I used dried before this re-make; so I bought a cheap product that was suppose to help to thin out the formula. It was ok just not great, but I was kind of able to re-make the design. With a new bottle of this shade (if they still make it), one coat does the job.

Here is how to do them:

Hope you enjoy, they make nails look so much fun if you are into glitter, of course!
If you like it, decide to recreate and share it, don’t forget to mention this blog and video.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Easter cookies

Hi, Happy Friday & Happy Easter, friends!
I wanted to share this Easter Cookies. I wanted something fun, colorful and easy yet somewhat interesting. I thing I might have gotten a bit too excited with the colors thought, I feel they are a tiny bit too psychedelic rather than pastels, like most Easter related things are, but feel free to just add less food coloring than what I did.

Other than that, I like them, and maybe some one out there will like them too.

For this I used:
-Sugar cookie dough recipe.
-Rolling pin with space bags here.
-Royal Icing recipe.
-Gel food coloring in: Yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and orange, oh and white (colorless royal icing)
-Ziploc bags (feel free to use you favorite piping method)
-Scribe tool here.
-Edible confetti daisy Shaped sprinkles.

Here is how I made them:

Happy Easter everyone and don´t forget to let me know if you like them. If you do, and want to give it a try and share elsewhere, don´t forget to mention this blog/video.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Remove pigmented nail polish fast without aluminum foil.

Hi friends! This is just a small tip on how I remove really pigmented nail polishes, and might be helpful for someone else too.

Before we start, thought, I just wanted to make a bit of a disclaimer:
I am not an expert, I fact, I know nothing about nails in general. I just like to have designs on them every once in a while. So, this is not the way it is done. This is just what I´ve found out works the best for me, that isn’t harsh on my nails (they don’t break a lot) and is fast. I just wanted to share my experience and the fact that you don´t need a to sit 15 minutes with your fingers covered in aluminum foil to remove the pigmented nail polish (nothing wrong if you Iike that thought, a lot of people find that pampering, let´s just say this is a great method for impatient people like me.

With that being said you just need acetone and 1 cotton ball. (Or 2 depending on the length of your nails)

Regarding the acetone: I know a lot of people tend to avoid acetone for nail polish because it can be a bit harsh, so feel free to use your favorite nail polish remover formula. I have never had any issues with it, but because I do pamper my nails a little bit after I remove the polish:


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Monday, March 31, 2014

Daisy Brush Embroidery Cookies

Hi friends! First I wanted to apologize for posting this on Monday and not on (last) Friday as I had been doing for TGIF For Desserts. I was sick all last week and I wanted to feel better to edit this post and the video. Feel better now, gosh, feels like it´s been ages since the last time I uploaded something, but it´s only been a week.

Anyways, back to toda´s post...Despite the obvious failed brush embroidery part, which was a last-minute idea and totally my first time (as can be seen) and the fact that real daisies have pointier and skinnier petals and mine are round and chubby, I think they do the trick. These are daisy inspired cookies I wanted to share, because I think the whole group looks kind of cute. They support and complete each other, like groups should.

As for the brush embroidery technique itself, I think looks so elegant and delicate, I am not the one to “teach” since I am still learning, but there are some great blogs and cookie decorating website, that I checked out before adding this to my cookies. Some of the best online teachers I have are super talented Amber from “Sweetambs” and of course I couldn’t exist on the baking world without Glory from “Glorious threats

For these cookies you will need:
-       Cookie dough here
-       Royal Icing here. 15-20 sec consistency.
-       Square and round cookie cutters. The size depends on how big or small you want your cookies to be, but the bigger the more working space you got.
-       Ziploc bags. Feel free to use your favorite piping method.
-       Black, yellow, green, white gel fool coloring. For the white icing, I simply don´t add any fool coloring, but if you want it whiter, you can always add few drops of white gel food coloring.
-       Scribe tool. Homemade here
-       Brush + water + napkin.

Here is how I made them:

Enjoy, and if you like, recreate and share don´t forget to mention this post / video.
Talk to you in the next one!

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