Simple Cookie Dough

I like simple but effective things, so this recipe is a go-go for me.

Only 4 ingredients + fast + tasty = Success, don´t you think? 

- Butter: 1 stick + 3/4 stick of butter, in total that´s 150 gr. of butter. Room Temperature.
- Sugar: 3/4 cup, aprox. 75 gr.
- Egg: 1 egg white.
** If I want to add any flavor or color to the dough, I do it right before adding my flour. So I don´t spend ages mixing the flour.
- Flour: 1 1/2 cups, that´s 212.5 gr. of unsifted flour.

Instructions & tips:
Bake at 180°C that´s 350°F. Approximate time is 12 minutes, but it depends on the oven you are using. I always like to set up my alarm to 10 minutes, check them, most of the times they need more time, so I just go back and check them every minute until i see golden brown edges. No biggie, that´s just generally 2 more minute.

Here is the step by step tutorial:

I once made the mistake to leave them 15 minutes. HA! They where not that burned, but they where SO hard to eat. That´s when I learned about the importance of time when baking!

This recipe has woken up a Lion inside of me, dying to decorate, decorate and decorate a ton of cookie!
Stay tuned!


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