Bandana for Dogs! (DIY)

I love how my doggy looks with bandanas!
Every time I take him to his local hairstylist for a haircut to the Pet Salon, they deliver with this cute bandanas and I just love it! It makes me feel like they put effort into my son (that´s what I call him, haha).

So, today, I wanted to try and update his bandana into this denim Jacket one. I loved the result. It doesn´t look professionally done as if I had bought it, but it looks personalized and he looks handsome.
I made a little tutorial for this DIY pet refashion, which includes instructions, materials, and a melodic voice (Not!), but here it goes:

After doing this I am happy because I now know I don´t have to wait for the next Pet Salon´s appointment to see him rocking a new one.

Hope you enjoy this, and if you try it, don´t hesitate to send me a pic of it to my tweeter @cutesimplestuff so I can check it out and met your pet boy or girl.

PS: Those Photos were taken days after I made it, still looking awesome and I like how the denim started to get funky on the corners!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, take care!

Xoxo- Renee

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