Mickey and Minnie Mouse cookies

Or should I call them Polka Dot-ish Mickey and Minnie´s cookies?
Either way, my head has been driving me crazy to try this design. I love black and white, I love dots, I love Disney and I love Mickey. I think he´s one classy and stylish character. Just like Hello Kitty.

You can go as childish or as classy and elegant as you want to with it, since he´s so versatile! In my opinion. Maybe that´s why I love him so much. I feel like if I was wearing a top with Mickey Mouse on it, it wouldn’t look as childish as if I was wearing one with Minnie Mouse on it. Anyways.

So, I tried this design, and honestly I LOVED IT! Turn out exactly as I had it planned. The only thing is that I surely need more practice to master the dots and Mickey´s faces on the white cookie. Maybe after the third one it would´ve looked more presentable. But as I mention in the video, this are just ideas I wanted to get outta my crazy head.  I´m glad I did, because I really like the way my cookies turned out.

For next time thought, I want to make sure I work with the right tools, since my markers aren´t the best quality markers; they smudged with the rainy weather! It pissed me off when I looked at them the next morning and I saw my little friends all over the place. I mean the cookie doesn´t look that bad (those who ate them didn’t even notice) but for me, it was bad since I was the one painting them.. so, next one, better food markers.

I still don’t know with that piping method I feel more confident with.  Using Ziploc bags is not that bad, but is not for detailed stuff. It definitely doesn’t allow me to do smaller details, if feel, for finer  details is not a study method. I´ve used wax paper cones (like Peggy Porschen uses) but they still scare me. I´ve use that method a couple of times and my icing has stained it, but it sort of intimates me for some reason.

I guess the best way to go very detailed if you are not a pro, is by using piping bags, tips, couplers, and all that stuff. The thing with this one’s is the clean up. Sometimes I just don´t feel like cleaning everything afterwards and that stops me from using this kind of method for piping. I probably should, though.

As I mentioned in the video, my Mickey from the round cookie looks kind of funny, but I just wanted to share and see if my ideas was ok or a total fail. I think is fairly decent, isn´t it?

As for the cookie cutters, I´ve found some cool ones online, like this ones

The best part about this whole thing is that the cookies actually tasted really good, everybody seemed to like them and they were gone after like 15 minutes!
Makes me happy and makes me want to make a whole lot.
If you try this design don´t forget to let me know, and Instagram or tweet me a pic @cutesimplestuff. I would loooove to see them and hear from you.

Watch the tutorial here and don’t forget to give it thumbs up!

Ps. The video looks kind of dark, doesn´t it? The sound is decent, but I need to invest on better lighting!

Xoxo- Renee


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