Rainbow Abstract Circles Nail Art

A couple of months ago, maybe even a year ago I made this really colorful nail art for an old YouTube channel I had. I had to cancel that account and open a new one, but I kept the design and the video. And since it was so much fun, easy and simple yet effective design I decided to share today.

I thought of including this in here even though the quality for both, photos and video aren´t the best (they were taken and filmed with my previous camera); because I still had them, and I wasn´t sure if recording the whole think all over again with my new quality, but, ya know..I already had them, so I decided to upload the "oldies".
This grandmas still rock, don´t they? I love how the colors ended up complimenting each other, specially this days, were rainbows have become so popular. And no wonder why, they are adorable!

At the moment I wasn´t sure if I wanted to work with a white background or a black, so I went for both. And I really like how it looks on both colors. I thought this design would look pretty cool having a different background for the accent finger, or should I say the ringer? Or maybe going for a simple polish in, say, black and then having the ringer in white with the design on top, or vice versa.

The design is so unique and versatile since you can always take the main idea, which is basically stamping circles with a straw, change the color combination or even only black and white. Possibilities are endless in this type of design I think.

Here is the video, showing the technique and materials used:

Pretty cool, right?

Give it a try and if you actually do, don’t forget to sent photos over @cutesimplestuff!!
Lotsa love and warm weather!
Xoxo. Renee


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