Rose Gold Earrings (Polymer Clay)

Hi! I just wanted to start today´s post by saying how happy I´m to share this idea.
I love creating stuff, that´s pretty much what I´m all about, and ever since I discovered polymer clay and it´s endless possibilities, I became obsessed with it. No lie. As cheesy as that sounds. You are only limited by your own imagination, because with this material you can make almost ANYHING..I mean you can´t make a plane to go to Hawaii, or make a potion to live longer, but you got my point.

It doesn´t really remind me of play doh (even when its´s basically like it), just because, since where I grew up was pretty warm, and every time I´d play with play-doh it would get super sticky and all over my hands, and would make them dirty and gross I hated that feeling! That´s the only difference I can find. Polymer clay has never stuck onto my hands, and I love it.

Anyways, I made these amazing pink rose earrings months ago.

I loved how easy they are to make and yet look pretty complicated (based on people´s opinions). Not meant to kiss my own butt, but I honestly got so many compliments. They thought I´d bought them, they thought it was ceramic and, because of that, pretty delicate and they had a lot of questions about them. It´s simply polymer clay shaped into roses. Since they were so curious about the process and everything, I thought of sharing this idea, just in case someone else out there is curious, too.

I used the same technique but using another color: gold.

They turned out pretty good looking, and they are my go-to pair of earrings lately. I mean, they make you look put together since they are gold, and what can go wrong when accessorizing with roses? Nothing, really! I like edgy stuff as well, but this one’s go pretty well for those days when I´m feeling a bit more poetic.

Here is a full explanation of the whole thing and what materials I used.

The cool thing about it, is that you can make them in every color you like, or even going for something else, sucha necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories, phone case accessories and what not.

Let me know your thought on this little project.

Don´t forget to share us (me and earrings, haha). And if you go for it don´t forget to send me pics of your work to instagram and tweeter @cutesimpletuff!

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Thank you for your time.

Xoxo- Renee 


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