Color Dot French Tip Nails

I know I couldn’t have chosen a longer title, but that all is going on with this cute mani.
This French tip is all about simplicity with a twist: Colors.
I came up with this idea maybe a year ago, and I actually had a tutorial for this (in my previous channel which I canceled). But then I thought there is no tutorial really needed.

All you need to do is:
1)      Apply base coat. Always.
2)      Apply your French tip manicure. I used White On by Sally Hansen, because I love the application/pigmentation. Apply tip however you prefer. I go straight up from the brush that comes in the bottle. I never use French Tip strips / Scotch Tape or any other steps.
Paint the tip as thin / thick as you want to. Although the thicker the line, the more working space you have.
3)      Grab your colors and dotting (you can use the back part of a brush):
-Green Nail Polish (I used While Thing by Pure Ice)
-Blue Nail Polish (I used Beach Blue by Santee)
-Yellow Nail Polish (I used Spark by Orly)
-Pink Nail Polish (I don´t remember the name of the color but is the bright pink by Finger Paints)
-Orange Nail Polish (I used Orange color by Color Club Colors).
-Apply your dots. Wait for them to dry.
4)      Apply a top coat. I have been using Sally Hansen Nail Strengthener. No officially a top coat but it works fine.

Call me old-fashion, but I still like the polished look that French Tip Manis give ya.
Give it a try and take care.

Xoxo, Renee!

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