Strawberry Heart Clay Necklace

A few months ago, I had the inspiration to make this Strawberry Hearth shaped Necklace, using one of my favorite materials when it comes to creating something from scratch: Polymer Clay.
It was about the same time when I discovered clay actually, and once you start “playing” with it, you never go back.

I started like crazy making a bunch of different “designs” but this type is by far my favorite. It is simple, easy, cute, suitable, versatile and of course fun, fun so much fun.
I am not the kind of person to hang a ton of stuff from my neck, but I definitely like to have a some some to complete whatever I am wearing.  And as childish and crazy as this sounds (or reads) I think a strawberry goes with a lot of things, just because they are too cute.

But, for my first one I decided copy-paste how strawberries look like exacty, you know: red, yellow and green. For this time I decided to be a bit of a “grown up” (sure…) and add some gold on it, to make it look a bit more sophisticated. Just a bit.

To make this one you only need:
1)Red, Yellow, Green Polymer clay.
3)Thin bush and gold paint (I recommend acrylic or nail polish even, for rainy weather)
4) Piece of wire
5) Thin Gold Chain
6) 2bead tips
7) 1 Clasp
8) Pliers and cutters.
Optional and mentioned in the how-to video:
9) Clay conditioning machine
10) X Acto knife

This one is just to compare: The left one has glaze on it, the right one has non. They both look a bit different, but very much the same.

Here is the how-to:

Pretty easy, right? Try it, it´s fun! Don´t forget to tweet me a pic of your creation @cutesimplestuff.
Take Care. Xo. Renee


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