Monday, July 15, 2013

Father´s Day Tie Cupcakes Toppers

Hello everyone! For this Father´s Day I thought some cupcakes all dressed up with some ties would be cute! I think the idea can totally be used as well at any party/birthday/corporate celebration or anything like that. Or at a bachelorette party, guy gathering while they are gaming. Whatever the occasion may be, this is another option.

For this you need:
-Cupcake wrappers, piping bag and piping tip #4B by Wilton.
-Royal Icing. I used Royal Icing Mix. 15 second consistency icing. I use to use the 10 second consistency, but I discovered it´s just way to watery for 2D shapes.
-Gel Food coloring. Shapes are optional, but try to vary it and try contrasting colors.  
-Toothpick/cocktail stick.
-Wax paper
-Piece of regular paper and pencil/pen.

Here it the how-I-made-them. Happy baking/decorating! If you try the, don´t forget to send a pic my way @cutesimplestuff (tweeter and instagram)
Take Care.
Xoxo - renee

p.s I thought I´d mention the obvious. Quality on these photos is very low, because they are actually screenshots! I wasn’t sure of posting them at all because I didn´t get to take any pictures. Reason for that is because I tried this cream cheese frosting that ended up being loss, and it melted before I got to pick up my camera. In the video, at the end, frosting was already melting, I just got to record that as fast as I could.

That´s why above I suggest working with my go-to buttercream recipe because this frosting was a D-I-SASTER!