Clay Hoop Earrings and Neutral Accessories

Hi there! Today I wanted to share this set of accessories in a neutral theme out of clay.
The set includes:
-1 pair of small round earrings with marbled effect.
-1 Pair of hoop earrings with a candy cane-like effect.
-1 round marbled ball-like charm with a gold chain.

I made this set for myself, because I wanted something neutral and I wanted to be able to use my translucent polymer clay, which I bought and never got to use. 

The 3 items are super simple to make, you need:
-          Black, white and translucent polymer clay, I use Sculpey 3.
-          2 pairs of ear posts.
-          Glue. I use jewelry or epoxy glue for accessories.
-          Chain. I don´t really know much about types of chain, but something that is fairly thin so it looks more delicate.
-          2 jump rings.
-          1 clasp.
-          Toothpick.
-          Pliers and wire cutters.
-          Xacto knife.

I find it easier to explain what I am doing “live”, so I did a tutorial showing process step-by-step.

PS: And as always some backstage action. I find them so entertaining to look at, makes everything more real and makes you realize, that the project you were soo into, that was so important to you at a point is just placed at a corner of you table.

 Don´t forget to give it a try, and if you do, don´t forget to end pics my way @cutesimplestuff!
Xoxo- Renee

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