Metal Chain Collar Denim Vest out of Regular Denim Jacket | Fashion DIY

Hi everyone! Today´s post is a simple 2-step re-fashion idea I just wanted to share.
I had this standard denim jacket I never really used, because it was just too blah. I wanted to do something with it and I just thought of removing the sleeves to make it a vest, and to add a little something something to make it a bit edgy but vintage looking at the same time.

So here is what I used to make it happen.
-          Jacket. ( Duh! Right? But I felt to need to mention it anyways)
-          Scissors.
-          Silver Chain. Length depends on your Jackets neck. Quite frankly I didn´t even bother to measure mine, I just made sure it went all the way through.
-          Gold Acrylic Paint.
-          Sponge. Or a paint brush.
-          Needle and thread. Choosing a thread that matches your chain is a good option.
-          Fabric Glue.

And this is how I did it to make it happen:

I honestly love it! I don´t know what it is about it, maybe is the antiqueness it´s got now. Maybe it’s the edginess. Maybe those two mixed plus the fact that I actually use it now.
So, fiuff once again! Because when making this DIYs for the first time, I always wonder: This is either going to be an awesome piece I´ll wear nonstop if everything goes according to plans or I am totally going to ruin it!

Lemme know what you think and if you try this idea out, sent pics on my way through @cutesimplestuff on Tweeter or Instagram.

Take care! Renee


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