Breaking Bad Cupcakes | Baking DIY

The end of an anti-hero. Breaking Bad has quickly become one of my all time favorite series. If not the one. At the beginning I was not paying too much attention to it, because it takes time for me to sit down and enjoy a new series. I feel like all series offer the same thing.

But, it got me, and oh-boy it did! I remember watching just about season 3 and thinking, this is going to be big. I kept on watching, and so it did. Not big. Epic, as some might say.
It is so different. I won’t make a full review of it, because I´m not a critique, but I will say the characters take you from your sit (or bed) and really involve you into the whole drama. You really feel them, understand them, cry with them, and get scared with and for them. You feel the fear, but you kind of can´t stop, as so can´t they. And for some reason, they don´t make you judge, or, they didn’t make me judge. It´s just about how everything goes fluently. You feel every simple tear, and you experiment all sort of emotions as you get involved with the characters.

Anyways, I can be here for hours and hours talking about how I love Breaking Bad and how great of a show it is. So let´s get into the cupcakes!

For them, I used:
- Cupcakes and frosting. Use your fave cupcake recipe; you can use a Cake Mix as well. I used whipped cream for frosting. Next time, tho, I will be using another type of frosting. It was lacking flavor on the top.
- Royal Icing in a 15 second consistency. I used Royal Mix, but you can make it from scratch as well.
- Yellow food coloring.
- Green food coloring. Try to choose a military green, or add a tiny bit of brown into your bright green.
- Black food coloring.
-Blue food coloring. For this shade I used Electric blue, from AmeriColors.
- Plastic Bags to pipe your icing to make the toppers.
-  Wax paper.
- Edible Ink Markers.
- Sketches or ideas of what you want to draw.

First you have to bake your cupcakes, make your royal icing in the 15 second consistency. Do as the video below recommends; let your now toppers dry completely, and then make your frosting.  Or you can make them ahead of time, then, for example, the next day, make your cupcakes and frosting. The thing is to let your toppers dry, if not, they might break when you try to pill them off the wax paper because they are not strong enough still.

This is how you can make the Breaking Bad Toppers:

This is JUST an idea I wanted to share. If you draw a lot better is going to look a lot better. Let´s just say I wanted to go for the cartoon-ish look to it! Haha.

Let me know how you like them, if you are still obsessed with Breaking Bad and you are sad it is over!
What is your favorite character?
And your thoughts of the whole series?

If you try the toppers, I´d love to see what you came up with. Send them my way @cutesimplestuff Twitter and/or Instagram.

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