Halloween Nail Art Ideas 2013!

Halloween is one, if not my favorite part of the year. Except for, you know, Christmas because I get the chance to see my family but you don´t really wear costumes on Christmas. Unless you are being Santa or someone on Santa´s Staff.

And why I love Halloween so much if because is spooky, is my birthday month, and you can get to wear a costume, and I am all about that! Costume possibilities are endless, and the cool thing is, even if you screw your costume up, you can still rock it, no one will mind, and even if they mind.. hey, It´s Halloween, and that´s part of the fun..Having fun!

Speaking Nail-art language, possibilities are endless even more. Because sometimes we are Halloween Costume enthusiasts and we want to rock a costume but turns out no one that you know will dress up at all. I´ll never get that people, but it happens, and when that happens, we do kind of feel let down. (Because if you are like me, we´ve been eyeing options since like the beginning of the year!)
But we still need to express ourselves, right? Well. What better way than through nail art, or baking?

I will show some ideas for Halloween Nail art. Can be applied for both cases: You are getting dressed, or you just want to have cool Halloween Nails.

Camouflage Nail Art: 2 ideas! 
First Design

This is the perfect option if you are going to be a soldier, or part of the Military. Or, if you just like camouflage print and don’t mind to rock´em any time of the year, like me!
These two are so easy, you are not going to believe.

Second Design

Polishes needed and how-to´s are show on this double-video. First design in the classic print, and the second one as a bit of a twist to it. For the second one I got inspired by Jenny!

Remember, have fun, but there´s a lot of people who want to use this time to take advantage and do weird and bad things. Never go out alone, be safe and take care!

Vampire Nails: 2 ideas! 
Or maybe Bloody Nails? Dexter Nails?

Whatever you want to call them. This are all about blood dripping all over. These are by far one of my favorite ones, because they are always effective and easy to paint.

I remember rocking this design last year, and people would ask me if I was Ok. I mean, it was at the party, with moonlight and what not, but still, works!

For instructions and nail polishes needed, watch this video on YouTube below, and don´t forget to subscribe and give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed:

I honestly have so much fun when it comes to Halloween. I may be childish, but I loooove dressing up for Halloween.

Try it! Send me your pics via Twitter or Instagram #cutesimplestuff.
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Have a spooky but Save Halloween, and talk to you later!
Bye - Renee


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