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Hey everyone!
Today I wanted to share this Home Decor idea that is super simple yet looks kinda nice. I was not really sure about it, but then I sent a picture to my sisters and Mom and they all approved, so I had to share.
I had a bunch of fake purple flowers I got at Wal-Mart like zillion years ago, and I had these 2 painting + 1 - almost empty - necklace hanger just looking at me every time I would walk into my room. I painted them a long time ago, but I wanted to do something else with them. The tiny one, along with 2 other tiny ones, was my necklaces hanger. The other 2 are still for my necklaces, but I don’t own as many necklaces so a third one was just looking ridiculous almost empty. I do love necklaces, but just for when I go out. On a daily basis they tend to get on the way. Silly to say, they look super cute hanging on those 2 frames. 
Conclusion: My necklaces are both accessories for me and for my room.

Enough of the ramble, let´s go into this idea, shall we?
I´ve seen on the wonderful creative world of Pinterest a lot of these lovely frames with flowers in the middle. So I wanted to try myself. Here is the result.

Materials and how I did it are in this YouTube video:

Pretty dang easy right? I love how cute they look all irregular and placed so randomly. Of course positioning on the wall is optional.You can totally use this idea for other kinds of flowers obviously and more than that, you can make an inexpensive Halloween and/or Christmas Home Decoration as well. I made this collage on Photoshop just to give myself a clue on what would they look like.

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And because he´s pretty much involved in everything I do. I had to post this. He approves as well. 

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Thanks a bunch!


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