Make your own scribe/needle/dotting tool | DIY

As I go more and more into the whole cookie decorating awesome world, I´m starting to “gather” all those cool tools that help you out when decorating. I then saw SweetAmbs and then Haniela´s using this pretty cool tool. I use to use toothpicks and BBQ sticks but then I wanted to get the same tool. Because that´show we roll! Haha

At the beginning I didn´t even know what the name of this needle tool was, but then I searched a bit more and knew the name. Now I wanted my own.

I searched in a couple of local stores, couldn´t find anything. So, what to do? Make my own why not!
It´s honestly super simple to do. And the best part, it can be used as a scribe tool, as for cookie decorating, as well as dotting tool, for nails! Obviously not the same tool….just felt the need to clear that out!

The tricky part comes in the materials I used. But for that, you shall watch the tutorial:

Overall. I love.

Let me know your thought and if you tried this out or went your own way lemme know how it goes!
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Have fun and take care!!


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