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Hello! I am still amazed by how fast 2013 is passing by. It´s crazy it´s almost Christmas (where did 2013 go?!) and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I love fall, the fashion, the weather, the leaves, and I wanted to make fall cookies that could be used as Thanksgiving threats.

I am not going to lie. I went through a couple of failed ideas before I got this one just right. The first one is this one:

I sent a couple of images of that idea to my family, but no one seem to follow the idea. And I finally got it. Colors look too bright, and the leaves are just too weird looking. And since I wasn´t fully “digging” the design I decided to let it go.

However, I am really pleased on how these turned out. The background idea is thanks to my sister and one leaf on top of the other one idea, is my boyfriend’s idea. So, thank you both.

Ok, so the “what” was selected. You know, simple and clean design with just 2 leaves on top and white background using deeper colors for the leaves. It was now time to think about the “how”.  I originally was going to use a Wilton tip, the leaf tip, so I tried several times, but it wasn´t looking right. I decided the best idea would be to make a “sketch” of the leave, put some wax paper on top and “draw” with royal icing following my sketch.  I am happy with how it turned out.

Next time, though, I would put more white royal icing towards the edges of the cookie. It looks kind of weird, but the main focus are those leaves. That is what happens when I am running out of icing and I just want, desperately, to get an idea out, ha!

For this I used:
Cookie Dough. 4 ingredient recipe here.
-          White royal icing.
-          Green royal icing. (Green + a bit of brown gel food coloring)
-          Orange royal icing. (Orange + a bit of brown gel food coloring)
-          Brown royal icing.
-          4 Ziploc bags with a tiny little whole. Or piping bags with piping tips and a small tip. Maybe a #2. I cannot give a precise number because I have never used a piping kit when I work with royal icing. I love me some Ziplocs. So handy!
-          Scribe tool here. This one I love. Ever since I made it, it is my best royal-icing friend.
If you don´t have one click here, or an alternative is always a good old toothpick.
** Royal icing I use is Royal Icing mix.
** I use 20 second consistency. But something I can be a bit thinner than that.

Here is a quick preview on how I made them:

And for a full step-by-step tutorial,watch this. (Plus some packaging ideas if you want to use them as Thanksgiving favor so leaves won’t be damaged in the process):

Thank you for hanging around. If you like this idea don’t forget to subscribe to this Blog and to my YouTube channel so you stay tuned.

If you try this let me know how did it go! Happy Thanksgiving.

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