New York City Cookies

I´ve never been to New York, but for me, the city is iconic, fashionable, busy, and just fabulous. One of my favorite shows, Will and Grace, took place in I believe NYC, and I have always wanted to visit.

A year ago I painted this:

The paintings are dirty, but I still wanted to put them somewhere around the house. They are now part of the “gym”. A random room we use for working out, whenever we remember to, haha!
Every time I look at them (as with many other objects in life), I would picture them being decorated cookies. That´s how this ones were created. 

For these I used:
- 3 square and 1 round cookies. Here is my 4-ingredient easier-than-breathing recipe.
-White Royal Icing.
- Black Royal Icing.
- Green royal icing.
- Red royal icing.
- Big Silver Sprinkles.
- Tweezers.
- 4 Ziploc bags with a tiny little whole. Or piping bags + piping tips if you prefer, with the smallest tip you can work with. Maybe a #2.
- Scribe tool here. This will be your best friend when working with royal icing. But if you don’t have one or just don’t feel like DIY use an ol´ good toothpick.
- “Sketches” and pieces of wax paper.

** I used Royal Icing mix for this ones.

Quick overview:

Full easy step-by-step tutorial:

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If you try this let me know how did it go! Happy weekend!
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