Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Polymer Clay Button Earrings!

I am an earring type girl. A lot of girls like necklaces more. Others love their arm candy, or even every finger with rings. I use to be that type. I switched. I still think all of that looks pretty cool, it´s just not for me. As I get older I turn pickier, and more practical. If there is an accessory that´s too heavy, I won´t wear it. I will stare at it all the time, like a master piece in a museum.

Earrings are my go-to accessory. I feel like they add something to your face. Even when you are not wearing any make-up, they make you look a bit put together. Like you tried. 

That being said, I love pearls and shiny little earrings, but I love funky stuff too. But subtle.

These button earrings are the perfect example of what I am referring to. They are a bit funky because they are buttons and red, but they are subtle because they are small. I made one of these guys a couple of months back with its partner. Then I lost the partner, because that´s very common from me and now I am making a new partner for it, so they are a couple again, and I can wear the semi-new set.

Tools and materials:
-          Red Polymer Clay. (I used Sculpey III)
-          The back of a somewhat big eye shadow / concealer brush.
-          Toothpick.
-          Blue. (I used Epoxy glue).
-          2 Ear posts.

Here is the deal:

I hope you like them and give them a try!
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Talk to you later!



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