Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas cookies: Santa, Ornament and Mr. Penguin!

(**Warning: Photos were taken at night, that´s why they look more “regular” than “stylish” but that´s the only change I had before packing them and taking them with me to visit my parents!)

Maybe I might be a bit too late, and I am probably the last person posting any Christmas dessert idea, but I still wanted to post them, because I just loved them!

They don’t look professional, but they look handmade and so cute, probably an idea that you could make with your kids this time of the year.

I made three, but they represent a lot more:
Santa´s belt, represents of course Santa, gifts and all that stuff.
The Christmas ornament represents the Christmas three, all the shine, the lights, the fun, the music, the good times and just everything luxurious and cozy about this time of year.
The little penguin with Santa´s hat, represents all the people getting ready for Christmas, all excited with their hats on waiting for Christmas, all the kids, grown-ups, families, and just all the humanistic part of Christmas.

Round Cookies. Cookie dough recipe here.
Royal Icing with 25 second consistency in most cases. I used royal Icing mix in:
Ziploc bags or piping bag + #2 piping tip
Wax paper
Scribe tool. Tutorial here.
Clear Cold disco dust.
Small brush
Small Brush
Black gel food coloring + vanilla extract
Red gel food coloring + almond extract
BBQ stick or the back of an old clean makeup brush. This is for Mr. Penguin’s eyes, although after trying that (read below) I would recommend painting eyes using the wet-on-wet technique or with a black good quality marker.

**Just an observation. It was the first time for me trying to paint with some extract, gel food coloring and a brush. Painting with a brush was fine, there was no color bleeding and I think it was because of the small amount of extract (alcohol) you are adding.

With the eyes added with the BBQ stick, thought, there was a lot of bleeding. I think it happened because of the bid amount of alcohol added into that small part. I did a snowman too, in which all those dots added with the BBQ stick had that bleeding problem, it seems burned. And just because I want to share everything as I go, here is my Grinch Snowman or Anti-Christmas Snowman or Psycho Snowman? You name it:

With that being said here is how to make them:

The video is kind of dark, that is because I was filming this at night, one night before leaving to visit my parents!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
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