Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Nail Art Ideas! (6 in 1)

I love Christmas so much. So so much. It´s, next to Halloween, my favorite season. I love the feeling, the fashion, the weather (although I would love to live where it snows), love the Christmas trees, the lights, the presents (and opening mine for sure), spending time with my family, thinking how great it´s been, being happy, the music, the cozy feeling of being at home with Ma and Dad, everything!

So, I decided to get festive on my nails as well…with 6 different designs. Super festive I might add.
Here is what they look like and what you need:

Things you need for all:
Beauty Secrets Base Coat
Sally Hansen Nail Hardener as top Coat.
*I made my own small dotting tool. Tutorial here.

Baby steps here, Design #1: Christmas Tree
 Nail polishes/materials I used: 
1)Dark green by Art Deco L.A Colors  
2)Blue by Art Color Club  
3)Orange-yellow by Art Color Club  
4)Sparkly Red by Art Deco L.A Colors  
5)Neon orange by Art Color Club 
6)Gold Rhinestone  
7)Gold Sparkle by Art Color Club

Design #2: Candy Cane
 Nail polishes/materials I used:
1)Four Leaf Clover  by China Glaze
2)White On by Sally Hansen
3)Silver Slipper by Nina Ultra Pro
4)Royal Flush by Color Club
5)Small Dotting tool.

Design #3: Let it snow
Nail polishes/materials I used:
1)Well-Cultured Pearl by Finger Paints
2)White On by  Sally Hansen
3)Bigger Dotting tool and Small Dotting tool.

Design #4: Christmas Stripes
Nail polishes/materials I used: 
1)White On by  Sally Hansen
2)Four Leaf Clover by China Glaze for lighter green.
3)Scenery Greenery by Finger Paints for darker green.
4)Royal Flush by Color Club
5)Sketchy Character by Finger Paints
6)Gold Sparkle by Art Color Club
7)Small brush.

Design 5: Santa´s Belt

Nail polishes/materials I used: 
1)Royal Flush by Color Club
2)Black out by Sally Hansen
3)White On by Sally Hansen
4)Gold Sparkle by Art Color Club
5)Big dotting tool.

Design 6: Christmas Flower
Nail polishes/materials I used: 
1)Well-Cultured Pearl by Finger Paints
2)Royal Flush by Color Club
3)Four Leaf Clover by China Glaze
4)Orange-yellow by Art Color Club
5)Big dotting tool
6)Small dotting tool
7)Small Brush

Here is how to do them:

Cute, right?
You can always paint your nails with a plain color but the accent nail, and the accent nail with one of these designs, or paint each nail with a different design, because we are feeling festive!

Either way, I hope you have an amazing time with your loved ones. Merry Christmas!

Don’t forget to send me the pic of your fab mani if you go for any of these designs:


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