Double French Tip with Dots Nail art!

celphone photo just so you can see how it looks like on different lightings

Merry Christmas everyone! This year I am not going to be able to make any dessert for New Year. Al least I won’t be able to upload anything because I am visiting my parents back at home and I don’t have my stuff in here. Still I wanted to upload something to wish you the best for the New Year to come.

Whether if you make resolutions for next year or not, if you celebrate it or not, if you are into nail art this is a simple, easy and cute idea even if you are not into crazy sparkly stuff.
I wanted to incorporate 2 aspects that I always think off when a new year comes:  Modern stuff and traditions. I think the modern aspect comes with the double French tip, the dots meting each other, the black French tip and the entire design in the ring finger only. But again it brings us back to traditions with the French tip.

Anyways, here is the materials I used and how I did it:

 Hope you have an amazing New Year, and give It a try!
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