Pearl earrings and ring using polymer clay!

I have been looking for a good pair of (fake) Pearl earrings for a while, without any success. Nothing that I liked, so when I saw this Finger Paint “Well-Cultured Pearl” on Sally beauty Supply, I decided the color was pretty good, and decided to give it a try.For me, pearls are a beauty piece of accessory that can turn any outfit into a classy one, more put together with a touch of vintage to it, I would say. And since I am in love with vintage things, maybe my love for pearls comes from there.

These are fairly descent. I can say I won’t be looking for pearl earrings on the market for a while. I have worn then a couple of times, and last time I wore them my parents saw them and they thought I have bought the earrings (that day I wasn´t wearing the ring). I then told me I made them, and they were surprised. And that´s a lot to say, I come from a somewhat artistic and kind of picky family, where crafts are part of some of our lives.

Anyways, materials and the easy step-by-step tutorial comes here:

This is a budget friendly project, easy to make and effective. Ideal for a Holiday´s Gift. With Valentine´s Day coming up, this could be a good piece to wear or even to give as gift. Just pack them nicely and anyone who appreciates handmade stuff will love´em!

If you give them a try, feel free to send your photos over to @cutesimplestuff on Twitter or Instagram. You can use #cutesimplestuff.

Enjoyed this project? Stay tuned for more!


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