Be my Valentine Polymer Clay Hear Earrings

I couldn´t come up with an even longer name for these ones but I wanted to incorporate the fact that they are perfect for Valentine´s and they are made out of clay.

I made these earrings a while ago, because I say a CSI Miami episode “Invasion” where one of the characters was wearing this beautiful necklace.

Source Here.

So I made earrings instead.

They are easy to make, affordable and only takes a few steps. I thought of posting them for this Valentine´s because some people might be celebrating it and maybe they want to look special or wear something special.

For those who don’t celebrate it, can still make them and rock them. I´ve used them and they look pretty cool, especially with black and white clothing and like silver accessories, you got the memo.

Here are all steps to make then, materials and tips included:

Please Enjoy, have fun, don’t forget to Instagram or Tweet your recreations @cutesimplestuff and have a cool Valentine´s, whether you celebrate it or not!


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