Daisy Cake idea/design

Hello friends and happy Friday!
Today´s post is more than anything, me sharing a cute design for a cake. This was the first time for me making a cake, with buttercream as a final coat and lets just say I respect cake artists who make the final coat with buttercream a lot more, not that I didn’t before that, but now I realize how much more goes into that. Practice is crucial if wanted to perfecto surface…and a cake turntable is a great helper for the process.

The inspiration came from these two girls I watch on YouTube with these tremendously cute daisy sweaters.

letzmakeup                                      sarahhawkinson

I am plan on recreating the same concept on nail art and cookies, so come back for those.

Tools and recipes used for this cake:
-       Vanilla cake recipe (original recipe from Glorious Threats)
-       Filling (I chose mil caramel and chopped nuts)
-       Daisy template (DIY in the video)
-       Toothpicks
-       Knife
-       Buttercream Recipe
-       Cake knife
-       Cake Icing Smoother
-       I used whip cream on the top, from a box.
-       Yellow gel food coloring
-       Green gel food coloring
-       2 Ziploc bags
-       Piping bag and piping tip # 352
-       Tiny paper doilies. Like these ones.
-       Turn table
-       Cake leveler

 See how I did mine, considering I am still a beginner of course:

I hope you enjoyed watching as much as I did making it. This isn’t a tutorial, more so I could share the idea.
The cake was delicious by the way!

Let me know about your experiences with first cakes. It´s definitely an experience and it was easier said than done! Lets keep on practice.-
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