Friday, February 21, 2014

Easy Buttercream Frosting Recipe

Actually this is a recipe I learned when I joined a baking class last year. This recipe is not just made up from a random blog online, it´s legit, and I promise you it is good.

I honestly enjoy baking. I like the whole process of mixing, baking, and dolling up my desserts. But sometimes, when a recipe has like 40 ingredients on it drives me crazy. I am all for good recipes that are easy to make and taste good. That´s why I love this buttercream recipe.

This one doesn´t have any shortening on it. I know a lot of people like to add shortening on their frosting, because of the color and the consistency it gives, but there is something about shortening I don´t particularly enjoy. That greasy feeling it leaves. I once made the Wilton frosting, and it wasn´t as greasy, it was ok, but I still don´t love it. I guess it depends on the cake´s needs. If you really need that whiteness you can only get with shortening and if the cake needs to be stunning white (best example, wedding cakes), I say go for it. Otherwise, I say enjoy a good-old-fashion buttercream frosting.

Here is an easy one. It only takes 3 ingredients, it´s easy to make, and tastes really good, pipeable, spreadable, and good in consistency.

You know, ever since I watched that scene from Sex and The City where Carrie and Miranda are eating cupcakes outside The Magnolia Bakery, makes me think on how yummy that frosting looks and makes me want to make my frosting to look just like that. I know that is a famous bakery and I am just somebody at home, but I still want to. I think that scene made a huge impact in the baking-cupcake industry, and I love it. I don´t blame it, looks yummy and super cute!

Let´s watch it!:

Now to the recipe:

1) 2 cups unsalted butter at room temperature (400 gr / 4 sticks)
2) 3 ¼ cups powder sugar (400gr)
3) 1 teaspoon of milk or water. (This ingredient is optional, its just to smooth the frosting a little bit, but it all depend on your needs)
* Optional: A lot of people like to add a teaspoon or half teaspoon of vanilla extract to their frostings. I l don´t enjoy when a frosting is super sweet.  And sometimes I think vanilla extract kind of has something to do with that extra sweetness, that´s why I leave it out.  Give it a try without it, if you think it needs, then add it.

The procedure is very VERY simple: First cream butter for 10 minutes until it changes its consistency and color. It becomes lighter in color and smooth. You may want to use a hand/stand mixer for this it takes a while. Then add slowly but surely all your powder sugar until everything is just well incorporated, don’t over beat because that will cause air bubbles on the frosting. Finally add your milk or water if you need your frosting to be smoother. That´s it!

Here is a video on how I do it, with some tips and tricks on the way:

That was easy wasn´t it?
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