How to turn a can into a spoon holder or vase

Here is a good option on how you can recycle a huge can, make it decent looking and then store things in there.

 I use mine as my spoon holder because I needed one, but this can be easily used as a vase, or you can make a smaller version (smaller can) and use it as a brush holder for your make up.

The design is simple, but this is basically another version of a canvas. Meaning, you can paint it however you like.

Materials are pretty simple:
-       Can (kidding, right?)
-       Background paint
-       Hot glue gun and a few glue sticks. Quantity depends on the size of you can or how many strips you add. The more you add the more glue sticks you shall need.
-       Black acrylic paint.
-       Scissors (optional)
-       Topcoat. I used Satin finish on it.

I made a video on the steps: (if you like the video don`t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel Here)

I hope you like it!


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