No bake Cheese Pie Recipe

When growing up, my mom used to make this recipe all the time. I love it and I love my mom too. 

This is a pretty simple, fast, and easy to make recipe. Tastes amazing, and anyone who loves cream cheese will definitely be a fan of this one. Guarantee! (Well I went a bit too far there, but its pretty damn good!)

Ingredients I used:
-       3 entire blocks or 570 gr. of cream cheese. Cold. (I use Philadelphia)
-       2 cans or 794 gr. Of condense milk (
-       ½ cup of lemon juice. (Optional and warning: Start first with ¼ cup of lemon and keep on adding if you prefer. All lemons taste different, so just keep that in mind)
-       1 tsp. approx. of Vanilla Extract. (Optional)
-       Fruit of your choice for decoration (Optional, this is just for presentation matter)

Step-by-steps and tips here:

I really like this recipe. Like a lot. It´s a childhood classic for me. So, please try it, and you are welcome! ;)

Also, if you celebrate Valentine´s day, this is it! Is also a great way to say, “I love you and thank you” to anyone special in your life. Partner, family and friends, co-workers and classmates, you pet (just kidding but I would be cool, wouldn´t it?). The list can go on.

Enjoy. Share. Subscribe. Keep in touch!

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