White Crowns Nail Art for Short Nails

Hello friends! This is the perfect manicure or nail art for any special occasion, or just because, like me, you want to rock a French tip of some sort, but with a twist on it, a scalloped detailed twist on it!

This is honestly easier than what it looks. I am a beginner myself, and just experimenting with one hand before doing the mani all over the place, did the trick. However, you kind of need a steady hand for this, and since I was shaking a bit  too much when I did the taste nail, I then had some water, and then I was able to do a better job. So, drink water before, I´s say.

1)   White nail polish – I used my fave White On b Sally Hansen.
2)   A mistake remover Pen – I used my new No more mistakes by Sally Hansen (I explain why I used this on the video below)
3)   Small dotting tool – Mine is a home made DIY I got here.
4)   Top Coat – I used my fave which isn´t even a top coat to begin with, but it works just as fine Nails Hardener by Sally Hansen.

How-we-do-it and tips here:

(My nails are always kind of awkward, nowhere near perfect or long, but I think they´ll never be. I probably shouldn´t be putting them out there knowing this, but at the end of the day all I want is to share the idea, so I might as well take the risk!)

I really had a lot of fun making this one. Because one thing is to have the idea in your head, but 50% of the times that idea does not really work, for me at least. So it is nice to see this one did work.

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Can send me pics of your recreations anytime!

Give it a try!

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