Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Updates and March Posting Schedule

Hello Friends! The last time I wrote in here was ages ago and I have some new things I want to talk about.

I got a new laptop, I am working part time helping a web design local business, and I have a new uploading-videos/post schedule programmed for this month and I will try my best to follow.
It goes like this:

Mondays: "Monday Mani" :: nail care related videos.
Fridays: "T.G.I.F. For Desserts" :: cookies, cupcakes, cakes, and other sweet treats.
Random DIY: Every other week (or every time I have something interesting to share) I will post a DIY.  Polymer clay costume jewelry, refashion, and general DIY´s. 

Like that. I´d better plan what I am going to be going, because then I get confused on what was that idea I wanted to share. Happens quite often. I am not super organized, unless I have a plan of some type.

This is so anyone can know what to expect from his place, and so that I put somewhere what am I suppose to do. If I don’t follow my own plans and other people read it, I would be ashamed of myself. Is my way of motivation, I think?

Here we go!