DIY: Chanel Inspired Earrings using polymer clay

Hello Friends! So, I have been in a Chanel store once, when in Vegas, and I was in there for about 10 minutes or less. Everything is gorgeous, but I cannot afford many of those things. When I went thought, I left with the desire of having Chanel Logo Earrings, inspired of course, I cannot afford the real stuff haha, but I wasn’t really sure of it. Then I say this beautiful girl, and the first things I noticed were, of course, those earrings. I SO had the in mind by then!

I decided to make them and share my way of making them using polymer clay.
Polymer clay. 
TLS (Translucid Liquid Sculpey)
2 Ear posts
Silver Paint. To simulate “silver” I used a nail polish called Antique Chic, by Nina Ultra Pro.
Optional: Pliers and medicine cup, or basically anything that´s really tiny and will allow you to dip your earrings on it.

Here is a step-by-step on how to do it:

Yes, they look handmade and not particularly something you have just bought from the store. But they do the job, and look cute, don’t they?

So, enjoy while creating, and if you decided to recreate them and share your project don’t forget to mention this blog or video.

Someone wanted to appear in this pic so bad. It´s ok, he´s my assistant anyways!

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