DIY: How to make your own rolling pin with spacer bands (for cut-out cookies)

For the time I´ve been baking cookies, I´ve realized a couple of things and a few tricks, and today I wanted to talk bout one of them: Even thickness in cookies.

I use to use wood sticks for the thickness, but I found out with time it wasn´t really practical once you are on it constantly. They kind of move all over the place and its kind of messy, at least for me.

I wanted to make a DIY on something that would stay in place, give me the same thickness and also would be removable for when I want to use my roller for something else.  So this happened.

Polymer clay (different colors).
Rolling pin for clay or if you have, clay-conditioning machine.

Tutorial coming soon!

I hope this is somewhat helpful if you were having issues with un-even cookies and/or if you are just getting started and you want all those master pieces looking divine. For me works wonders and I love it!

Give it a try, and if you do and decide to share it (post or video form) don’t forget to mention this blog/video. Thank you!



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