Easy Chocolate strawberries desserts!

Hello Friends! So with spring and summer coming up very very soon, I thought I´d share this idea. I love strawberries covered with dark chocolate all year round, but sadly fresh strawberries are not always available.

I recently saw this fabulous idea from this really gorgeous girl, Shannon Sullivan.
I wanted to try that out but to change things up a bit.  I believe the original idea is made with mil chocolate and is made in cupcake wrappers.

I used: (all quantities are optional, depends on how much of everything you want to add)

-       Chopped Strawberries. I used frozen, that´s why you might see them “wet” in the photos.
-       Chopped nuts.
-       Dark chocolate, tempered. Mine came with tempering instructions on the back. More information about tempering chocolate here
-       Square silicone mold.

This is how I assembled mine:



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