Royal Icing Recipe: Fast 2-cups

Hi friends! So in today´s post I wanted to share a royal icing recipe that works every time. I got the recipe from this awesome blog: Sweetopia

Since sometimes I don’t need I actually printed the printable version and then wrote down what half of each ingredient would be, because sometimes I don´t need a lot if icing.

The royal icing you will get is stiff, (watch the video to see it). You need to add water to make it smoother and perfect for decorated cookies.

Total Quantity: 2 cups

-6 tablespoons warm water.
-2 ½ tablespoons meringue powder
-1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar
-500 gr. (half 1 kilo package) Powder sugar (a.k.a confectioners sugar, icing sugar)

Quick instructions: Mix by hand meringue powder with warm water in a bowl for 30 seconds, then add cream of tartar mix for another 30 seconds, then add icing sugar using a paddle attachment on your mixer and mix for 10 minutes. 

A lot more details, and storage tips and tricks here:

Working with royal icing is a lot of fun. Have fun decorating!



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