Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Mani: Simple Strawberry Nail art

I love painting. That´s why I love nail art and baking, because you can decorate things however you like. But when it comes to my own nails / manicure, I prefer something simple. Like this design. You can always add something else to the rest of the fingers, if you prefer. 

Base coat :: Beauty Secrets base coat // Base color (ringer finger) :: White On by Sally Hansen // Base color (rest of fingers) :: Green with envy by Maybelline // Body of strawberry :: Black out by Sally Hansen // Red polish of strawberry :: Royal Flush by Color Club // Green polish for leaf :: Four Leaf Clover by China Glaze // Yellow dots :: Spark by Orly // Top coat :: Nail Hardener by Sally Hansen

Here is the how-to:

If you like this idea, recreate it and share it, please don´t forget to mention this blogpost or my video!
Thank a bunch for understanding.