Monday Mani: Starbucks Coffee Inspired Nails {2-in-1}

White nail polish :: White On by Sally Hansen //  Black nail art marker by sally Hansen // Green nail polish :: Sample nail polish by Sally Hansen (with no name on it) // Brown nail polish :: Sketchy Character  // Nail art brush // Top Coat :: Nail Hardener by Sally Hansen

Hi friends! I think we can all agree on one thing, even though Starbucks drinks aren´t the most affordable ones out there, they are so damn good! I think they use Colombian Coffee Beans. Whenever I have the opportunity to go to Starbucks I tend to ask for a Tall Mocha Frappuccino with whipped cream on top. Summer or wintertime, I love it all year round. I usually love cold weather, but if I want something worm I usually go for just Tall Mocha, with whipped cream on top. Anything for that whipped cream on top.

So a few weeks back, I had a Starbucks drink, I was looking at the logo and since my nails were so damn close to that scene, I thought of having Starbucks coffee inspired nail art!

Here is how I made them:

**A little experiment on the side: After a few hours I was done, I started noticing how the Starbucks logo kind of smudged/smeared (you can kind of notice a bit in those images). I then grabbed a fake nail and tried the design but with the photography paper, and I had better results, no smudging. But two things: 1) Since that paper is a bit thicker, it’s a little bit harder to shape it, but nothing mayor. 2) I did double the amount of topcoat. If you can, use fake nails, then glue the design with some nail glue and that´s going to hold it better, if you plan on wearing it for a few days anyways. If you just want to use the design for one day/night, with topcoat is fine. (I tend to remove my mani the next day, so I wouldn’t know for longer lasting on this design using only top coat, sorry!)

**If you liked this design, want to recreate and share it, dont forget to mention this blog/video!

Enjoy your mani while enjoying your drink, and thanks for reading!

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