Saturday, April 12, 2014

Chicks Cookies

Hi friends! So I use to have another blog and another You tube account when I very first started, then for some reason I just canceled it all (I think I thought back then it wasn´t my think but turns out it is. Lessons learned). But one of the tutorials I had is this one:

So, months later, here I am, with a newer version of the team. I feel (I hope) I have improved; I like the new ones a lot better, because I have practiced, learned and experimented a bit more, unlike the first one where I just did the ducky´s and I was good to go.

For this 2014 version I used:
-       Round cookies
-       Yellow, blue, orange, white , pink and black gel food coloring
-       Almond extract
-       Scribe Tool here
-       Ziploc bags
-       Thin brush

Here is what I did:

The video says, “Welcome to T.G.I.F. For Desserts, yeah…I think I will be switching to “Desserts for the Weekend” or something, because I have been lacking on Fridays and posting during the weekend! Anyways…Please Enjoy:

Don´t forget to send your recreations to:
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Also if you are into nail art I have a similar design for nails here
Have fun -Renee-

**I am here to share my ideas of course, but if you decide to re-create this idea and share it on your blog or YouTube channel, please don´t forget to mention this video or blog as a source of Inspiration.

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