Monday, April 28, 2014

Colorful Pattern Nail Effect | Monday Mani

White on :: Sally Hansen  |  Yellow  ::  Spark by Orly  |  Orange ::  Koo-koo Cachoo by Color Club  |  Green :: Flour Leaf clover by China Glaze  |  Blue :: Blue La-La by Nina Ultra Pro  |  Red :: Royal Flush by Color Club  |  Top coat :: Nail Hardener by Sally Hansen  |  Two dotting tools :: Big and Small | Cotton & acetone

Hi friends I hope you have an amazing week! Today I had this patterned nail art idea I wanted to share, it´s easy, cool, fun and works either in long and short nails.

So just grab your good-old dotting tools and let´s stat, happy painting!

**I am here to share my ideas of course, but if you decide to re-create this idea and share it on your blog or YouTube channel, please don´t forget to mention this video or blog as a source of Inspiration.