Wednesday, April 16, 2014

DIY – Bow Sunglasses!

Hi friends! For this weeks DIY I wanted to share something appropriate for the summer, and what better than something that involves sunglasses.

This is just a very easy but effective way that works either for old and boring sunglasses as well as designer sunglasses. Its everyone´s choice, just remember we are adding glue to the sunglasses.

To start this project all we need is:
-A pair of sunglasses
-Polymer clay, I use Sculpey III in Yellow (Color is optional, I choose yellow because I knew I was painting my bows gold later)
-Plastic bag
-Needle or something pointy
-Glue, I use epoxy (just try choosing a heavy duty one)

So, let´s go ahead and get started. Enjoy!

Send you re-creations to:
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 **I am here to share my ideas of course, but if you decide to re-create this idea and share it on your blog or YouTube channel, please don´t forget to mention this video or blog.

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