Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Mani: Holographic Nails Effects

Base coat :: Beauty Secrets base coat  //  Metallic blue :: Art you blue? by Finger Paints //  Yellow stipe :: Spark by Orly // Pink Sheer Sparkles  :: Pom Pom by China Glaze // Blue Sheer Sparkles :: Holo Blue by Kleancolor // Multi-color sheer Sparkles :: Rockstar Pink by Sally Hansen  // Top coat :: China Glaze Top Coat

Hello friends! Well, more than holographic nails, today I wanted to share 3 ways to achieve effect on your nails. The first photo (effect) on its own will help your nails look longer. And for the other two images, will help for the effect. The second effect and the 3rd one are pretty similar, just shades vary. 

Actually, the 3rd picture was taken about 2 years, when I first made the design. Back in the day, I actually had another YouTube account and another blog, and I uploaded the design in there. Then I decided to delete that account with all of my videos and 1,000+ subscribers on it. Oh well, you learn from your mistakes. The other pictures are recent.

I am back again on this new blog and channel to share how I did it. One thing to mention thought the nail polish I used dried before this re-make; so I bought a cheap product that was suppose to help to thin out the formula. It was ok just not great, but I was kind of able to re-make the design. With a new bottle of this shade (if they still make it), one coat does the job.

Here is how to do them:

Hope you enjoy, they make nails look so much fun if you are into glitter, of course!
If you like it, decide to recreate and share it, don’t forget to mention this blog and video.

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