Remove pigmented nail polish fast without aluminum foil.

Hi friends! This is just a small tip on how I remove really pigmented nail polishes, and might be helpful for someone else too.

Before we start, thought, I just wanted to make a bit of a disclaimer:
I am not an expert, I fact, I know nothing about nails in general. I just like to have designs on them every once in a while. So, this is not the way it is done. This is just what I´ve found out works the best for me, that isn’t harsh on my nails (they don’t break a lot) and is fast. I just wanted to share my experience and the fact that you don´t need a to sit 15 minutes with your fingers covered in aluminum foil to remove the pigmented nail polish (nothing wrong if you Iike that thought, a lot of people find that pampering, let´s just say this is a great method for impatient people like me.

With that being said you just need acetone and 1 cotton ball. (Or 2 depending on the length of your nails)

Regarding the acetone: I know a lot of people tend to avoid acetone for nail polish because it can be a bit harsh, so feel free to use your favorite nail polish remover formula. I have never had any issues with it, but because I do pamper my nails a little bit after I remove the polish:


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