Saturday, April 26, 2014

Strawberry cookies

Hi friends I hope you are having an amazing weekend! Today is change for Strawberry cookies because those are summer essentials. I made this ones 2-3 years ago when I was getting started and I wanted to make an update, since those where pretty basic:

What I used:
-Cookies dough recipe here
-Royal icing recipe here. I used 15-20 consistency royal icing
-Strawberry shaped cookie cutters or (like I did) use leafs shape cookie cutters. No one will ever know.;)
- Food coloring: Pink, red, darker red, yellow, green and pain white (a.k.a pure icing)
- Scribe tool
- Rollin pin with space bands
- Ziploc bags
- Piping tip #352 from Wilton

Optional (meaning, I didn’t like the results so much but is another option)
- Gold luster dust from Wilton
- Almont extract
- Thin brush

So, let ´s go ahead and get started, Happy strawberry baking!

**I am here to share my ideas of course, but if you decide to re-create this idea and share it on your blog or YouTube channel, please don´t forget to mention this video or blog.

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