Monday, May 5, 2014

Black and White Edgy Nails for Beginners | Monday Mani

Base Coat by Beauty Secrets //  White On by Sally Hansen  // Black out by Sally Hansen // “Top Coat” Nail Hardener by Sally Hansen  // Thin Brush + dotting tool. 

Happy Monday Mani Friends! I love anything with black and white, stripes and polka dots on it, so I wanted an easy but eye-catching design with those components on it. It´s edgy but girly and the best part is only 2 colors are needed (well, according to one of my childhood teachers one is practically an absence of color and the other one is all of them together). Anyways, give it a try, and don´t forget to send re-creations to: @cutesimplestuff on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

So, let´s go ahead and start with the how-to. Happy painting! -Renee-