How to add gold sparkle to a silver buckle bag

Hi! It has been a while since I posted anything D.I.Y. so to break the ice I decided to share something that could be useless for many, but useful for some other.

I use to be so into silver. I was totally a Hot Topic girl ages ago, the girl who would wear chains hanging from her pants, that was totally me. I went for the rocker punk chick, and I think its because of that I always end up gravitating towards silver accessories. It was until a few months back (maybe a year) I got into gold as well. That´s what happened to this bag. I bought it at Target is by Merona (love that brand) but I knew I wanted to add some gold to it, so I could wear gold and silver accessories with it. This idea could work as well is the buckle was gold, just invert the idea, by adding some silver paint!

This D.I.Y is so easy, materials and steps come in this video.  Let´s start having fun!
*Disclaimer: I used nail polish for this because it´s ok for me and I have more access to it than any other paint. However, use whatever type of paint you feel safer with. Maybe visiting Home Depot or some paint fabric and let them know about your project so they can guide you to other options. But nothing happens with nail polish :p.


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