Martha Stewart´s Inspired Sunflower Cupcake Cake | Desserts for the weekend

Hi friends and Happy Friday! You might have seen this idea before. I fount it months back actually on Martha Stewart´s website and I wanted to re-create it. Mine is a bit different since my center is made out of something else, and I used less cupcakes. In total I used 67, and hers asks for 75.

Mine doesn´t look as perfect and pretty as hers does, but still wanted to try it out and share. 

For this i used:
-67 mini cupcakes. Cupcake recipe here. How many of each comes in the video below.
-Frosting divided in 4 different colors: Orange, lighter and darker yellow and a bit of black. I used 3/4 cup of heavy whipping cream.

This idea is super cute and effective for parties, turns heads totally worth the time spent on the arrangement. It took me like 4 times to organize the way worked best for me and would look as close to the original as possible, of course I had my computer right next to me and a cup of coffee on the other side. So I really hope this video is helpful. Happy Baking! -Renee- (or should I say happy ensambling (?), watch the video to find out why ;))

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