Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Floral Home Décor

Hi! To me, it´s amazing what a little nature can do to a room. “It” being natural or fake. It ads a bit of cozy and a bit of home feel to a room. And I also like sparkly wine.

I wanted to do something with this bottle of wine, and I had some fake flowers and tinny stones around, and so this was born.

It might not look super luxurious, but I think it´s a great alternative for when you don´t have a ton of space (like an office, small kitchen or a room) and still you want to add some color and nature!

All you need is an old bottle of wine (clean & w/out labels), fake nature (or real, up to you), tinny stones, scissors and pliers. Let´s get crafty:

**BTW Don´t you just love that I look like a Christmas Tree on that dress? Every time I wear it, I feel like one. LOVE IT!

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