Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mini Stud Earrings | DIY

Hello! I am super excited for today´s DIY! These turned out to be one of my favorite pieces, to be honest. I have been using them non-stop every since I made them last week. They are super affordable, 100% customizable, and so much fun to make.  I think these will come on handy for everyone!

For materials:
-       Ear posts.
-       Rhinestones (got mine forever ago from a local nail supply store, they are online as well)
-       Nail polishes. Colors are optional. Watch video to see what nail polishes I used)
-       Epoxy glue, or any strong glue that can work fine with jewelry.
-       Rhinestone Picker (optional, but handy). Got some polymer clay already? Check this DIY out as well.
-       Pliers.
-       Block of foam (optional, but handy).

Here comes the fun part: How to do them! Happy DIY-ing and enjoy!

PS- I also kind of got inspired from this beauties right here:

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