(My) Baking Essentials: Decorated cookies | Desserts for the Weekend

Hello! It has been a while since I last posted (we rescued a new puppy among other life issues) but I thought it would be nice for me to share a bit of the things I use when it comes to decorating cookies. Keep in mind I don´t have many things but I use all things I got, so if you are just getting started, on a budget or just want to know what other cookie-decorating lovers use, then let me show you some of my musts!

Posts Mentioned:
1)   Cookie dough recipe
2)   Royal icing recipe
3)   Rolling pin with spacer bands here
4)   Scribe tool here

*P.S. I will be very soon letting you know about my cupcake-musts.
*P.S.2 Thank you for reading!


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