3 easy fruity-snack ideas | Desserts for the Weekend

Happy weekend, I hope you all doing well. Today I wanted to share 3 ideas using 3 ingredients of a snack type dessert I´ve been having minimum 3 times a week. OPS! I consider myself now obsessed with peanut butter. If you are too, and you like bananas and apples as well, then come join my little club!  Another thing I´ve been doing, since this is quite a lot for just one person, I usually give this as a dessert type snack after having lunch, because it satisfies that sweet craving that a lot of people get after eating. I like to think of it as a (somewhat) healty-ish snack(?), because of the fruit. But not so much because of the peanut butter. Maybe I am super wrong, so don´t quite me on that one (that´s why I didn´t call this post "healthy", because I am not 100% if it is, what do you think?). I think everything in smaller portions is better than going crazy with huge portions, specially on the peanut butter part.

-       ½ apple
-       1 banana
-       Peanut Butter (quantity is optional, depends on how much you want to add)

I´m introducing, the swirl, the fancy swirl and the sandwich, all delicious. ENJOY!


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