Back to School Easy Snack: Apple + Peanut Butter | Desserts for the Weekend

Hi friends! Last weekend I posted this snacks, and today I am sharing more because for some reason I have been snacking a lot. Sometimes you just don´t have the time to bake, but you still gotta have something sweet. 

These are a lot of fun to make, because of the shape you cut in the middle part of the apple. I think kids (and grown-up kids, like myself) will love making these ones to eating them later. I dont have children of my own but I can totally visualize my nieces having so much fun making them.

I got inspired from this image, I couldn´t find my heart cookie cutter, but I found some others instead. (I lost the source of this idea, but I found it on the internet)

We will just need:
-       Apple
-       Small cookie cutters
-       Knife
-       Peanut butter. The peanut butter is my obsession at the moment but you can sandwich your apples with anything else that you like. Nutella maybe?

These are so much fun to make, adorable and yummy. So let´s start the fun!


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