Friday, September 12, 2014

Cupcake Stand DIY


Hello. After being sick for a few days, I wanted to “come back” with this little something I made a few weeks ago.

This is not a dessert (duh!) but is something that could help you for a bit of presentation. As mentioned in my how-to video below, I went for the standard color and design because from there I can build up with fun cupcake wrappers and bows around the stand.  You can go many directions from here, from leaving it “plain” and simple like so, to actually making a bunch of the, playing with different sizes, heights, etc, and you could have a fun table full of contrasting and different cupcakes stands. You can paint them solid vibrant contrasting colors and then have random cupcake stands with designs here and there like polka dots, flowers, chevron patterns, etc. Creativity is your only limit and they can become a new canvas.  However, if you are doing that (going for the colorful, fun version of it), my personal opinion is, leave wrappers one solid color and maybe just add some white buttercream on a swirl, or something very simple but cute. That way, the focal point will be to the cupcake stands, and it won´t look like a crazy table where everything is competing with each other or like a hot mess. Unless you are going for that.

Is up to you, my dear Internet friend. I am just here sharing one way you can do the basic stuff, so, let´s stop the rambling, and start the fun! Happy crafting – then baking!

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